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Tutorial Video



Tutorial Video

To use Video, you need to connect to the admin interface of the framework WebSite-PHP.

Once connected you will go to the menu Configuration -> Configure modules and enable the module Video.

Tutorial 1 : Youtube video
File: /pages/tutorials/video/video-01.php

class Video01 extends Page {
    public function 
InitializeComponent() {
parent::$PAGE_TITLE "Youtube video";
$this->render = new VideoYoutube("8nWB3aZOYnU"600400);

// Enable third party cookies filter

Tutorial 2 : HTML5 video
File: /pages/tutorials/video/video-02.php

class Video02 extends Page {
    public function 
InitializeComponent() {
parent::$PAGE_TITLE "HTML5 video";
$this->render = new VideoHTML5(600400);



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