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or update.
(Last version: 1.3.1, date: 22 April 2020)

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LicenseLicense WebSite-PHP Framework PHP

WebSite-PHP is licensed under the open source MIT license, which allows you to use the PHP Framework WebSite-PHP for whatever you want as long as you include a copy of the license!

Completely free?
Yes it is. The code is free and your right to do anything you want with it.

InstallationInstallation WebSite-PHP Framework PHP

WebSite-PHP run on a PHP-MySQL environment.

You must download and install the packages :
(PHP 5.2 min. required)

Apache PHP MySQL

If you want to install a DEV server, you can download:



You must install / configure :
  • The apache mod_rewrite module
  • Edit the configuration file httpd.conf of you apache server.
    Find the tag "Directory" and set the property AllowOverride with the parameter "All" + Allow from all
  • PHP lib mysqli

  • Warning: If you create an Alias on your Apache configuration, you need to uncomment/configure the line RewriteBase /myAliasName/ in the file .htaccess
    Consult issue tracker to find help or ask your question to the WSP team.
    You can consult quick start to begin to use the WebSite-PHP FrameWork.

    We recommand :
  • The apache mod_expires module
  • The apache mod_headers module
  • The apache mod_deflate module
  • PHP lib soap
  • PHP lib GD2

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