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WebSite-PHP Framework PHP

 WebSite-PHP Framework PHP


Welcome to WebSite-PHP, the most easiest PHP FrameWork in the world.

WebSite-PHP is a PHP Framework which has the distinction of being fully object-oriented, and not requiring special knowledge of HTML or JavaScript. Knowledges of PHP and mechanisms for object-oriented programming (OOP) are still required.

WebSite-PHP is an easly Framework on PHP 5.2 and compatible with the database MySQL. With his 100% object programming you have a maximum reusability of the framework components and your job.

   Discover our help video to learn how to install
WebSite-PHP and write your first page "Helloworld".

Before WebSite-PHP FrameWork:
Before <a href="">WebSite-PHP FrameWork</a>

With WebSite-PHP FrameWork:
With <a href="">WebSite-PHP FrameWork</a>
1 Page = 1 Class

WebSite-PHP is based on the JavaScript technology jQuery

This website is realize with the FrameWork WebSite-PHP

The version 1.2.13 of WebSite-PHP is available (Release date: 15 May 2015).
Click here to access on the download page:
WebSite-PHP PHP Framework

Lot of functionalities are already include in this FrameWork:


General presentation of the server

WebSite-PHP Framework PHP Server

MVC architecture of the Framework WebSite-PHP
WebSite-PHP Framework PHP MVC structure

Note: It's the PHP framework that has an MVC architecture, not your code. Code written for the FrameWork WebSite-PHP will be close to a DotNet code, first for its development 100% object and the other by his events side. Your page will be built by the differents WSP objects you used.



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